Meeting for mothers & children Nieuw-Vennep

Doelgroep Mothers and babies
Datum 17 januari 2020 van 10:30 tot 12:30 uur
Locatie Buurthuis Het Contact, Sandestein 42 in Nieuw-Vennep.
Taal English
Aanmelden via


Dana Poole


This is an English speaking meetup group for any parents interested in breastfeeding support and information in the Haarlemmermeer area and beyond, and for mothers nursing babies, toddlers or both.

The meetups are led by one or more La Leche League Leader who are mothers with a long term breastfeeding experience and who have been additionally instructed and accredited by La Leche League Netherlands to provide breastfeeding information, encouragement, suggestions and support to mothers and mothers-to-be interesting in nursing their children.

Our mission is to help parents to breastfeed through parent-to-parent support, encouragement, information, and education, and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and the parent.

We are a growing community of breastfeeding mothers. But in the fast-moving society or our time where all mothers in general and expat mothers in particular experience loneliness and self-doubt, we can come together, be there for each other without judgement, and find strength in numbers. We are here first and foremost to support each other and offer encouragement.

All women interested in breastfeeding are encouraged to attend group meetings regardless of status. Babies and toddlers are always welcome.

You are welcome anytime and can always just drop by but if you come from outside Haarlemmermeer it might be handy to let me know you are planning to come. You can email me at:

You can bring any food you wish, for yourself or to share, but the location we rented requests that we purchase the drinks they offer: tea or coffe or capuccino. There is also water. These drinks are covered from the donations we receive.